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Cards and Invitations


With the Silhouette personal plotter cutting machines you can create wonderful greeting cards and invitations with the perfect designs and sentiments for any occasion. Birthday cards and birthday invitations, weddings, children's parties and much, much more. The Silhouette cutting machines streamline your work and make it fun! You’ll be able to make duplicates quickly and easy with just a few mouse clicks.  Create a lot of identical cards or invitations in no time at all. You can create simple card designs or really complex, 3D models. The Silhouette personal cutting plotters are the perfect tool to cut different kinds of paper.  They can cut with high precision and efficiency, including around printed images. The Silhouette new Cameo 2 and Portrait are widely used to make awesome designs for customising parties too, especially children’s parties.  From the invitation to cute souvenirs and other giveaways. Everything is done by these incredible electronic cutting machines; The Silhouette Cameo 2 or Silhouette Portrait in a duet with your creativity to shine.

Silhouette also offers several tools to help you work on your paper projects, including the pick-me-up tool used for poking out intricate cuts and placing tiny paper pieces onto finished surfaces. And a wide range of paper and special adhesives, so you can choose which ones are the best ones to each project that you will create. With the Silhouette Studio software that comes free of charge with all Silhouette machines, you can create your own designs to make your custom cards and invitations. Or, if you prefer, you can buy ready-made designs at very affordable prices in the Silhouette Design Store.  Browse the store and you will find many interesting and quirky designs to use for all manner of projects! The Silhouette Design Store even has unique card templates from scalloped edges to flourish windows to pop-up sentiments. So, jump right in and start creating your own greeting cards and invitations. Make the most of your amazing cutting machine. If you don’t already have one, you can see our range in the Silhouette Online Store. Let`s get started!