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Custom Apparel


It is really good to know that with the help of Silhouette products you can create custom apparel. With the Silhouette's intricate cutting ability and freedom to choose and customize designs and text, creating custom shirts, jeans, shoes, caps and much more is easy enough for anyone to do. Cut and iron on simple phrases or intricate layered designs in heat transfer material or add some bling to your clothes by cutting rhinestone templates with a Silhouette rhinestone starter kit. You can use the Silhouette Fabric Ink too with you want to paint your project. All available in the Silhouette Online Store.

To create a custom apparel you need a Silhouette cutting plotter, Cameo 2 or Portrait combined with heat transfer material and a hook tool, or with the Heat Transfer Starter Kit. You need to follow some simple steps to start your custom apparel project. Select a shape or font and lay out your design in the Silhouette Studio software, be sure to mirror the image, so text will appear backwards on the screen. Feed the heat transfer material, you have chosen, into the Silhouette machine without a cutting mat with the glossy side down. Select “Smooth Heat Transfer Material” or “Flocked Heat Transfer Material” in the media menu and cut. Peel the negative space of the design o­ff the plastic backing leaving only the design you want to transfer on the clear plastic transfer sheet. Position the design on the desired surface face down so that you see it through the clear transfer sheet. Your text should be right-reading at this point. Place a cloth over the design and place a heated iron on top pressing firmly into the design for 45-60 sec. Remove the iron and cloth and gently peel up the transfer sheet. After that, your custom apparel project will be ready and probably amazing.

 With this kind of project you can even start your own business!