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The mini cut plotters by Silhouette, the new Cameo 2 and Silhouette Portrait surprise everyone with just how diverse the materials available to cut are. They are even able to cut Fabric. Use one of our Fabric Stabilizer products with your Silhouette cutting machine to cut fabric with just about any design you want. Look in our online store two fabric stabilizer options, Clean Cut and Cut & Sew. TheSilhouette Clean Cut Fusible Fabric Stabilizer has a thicker adhesive that irons onto fabric, allowing you to cleanly cut designs with your Silhouette electronic cutting tool. And theSilhouette Cut & Sew Fusible Fabric Stabilizer has a thinner adhesive that irons onto fabric, allowing you to cut patterns and designs with your Silhouette machine that are ready to be sewn or stitched. It's important to cut fabric with the right blade. We have two types of blades, one for paper and one for fabric. The blades are identical, except the fabric blade is blue. This is only to distinguish between blade types, because it is better to keep the two blades separated. So to cut fabric use the fabric blade.

Is really simple to cut fabric in a Silhouette machine. Select or create a design in the Silhouette Studio software to start. Then iron the fabric onto the interfacing with the back of the fabric facing the sticky side of the interfacing. Place the fabric right side up on the Silhouette cutting mat and load the cutting mat into your machine. Remember to replace the blade for the fabric blade (blue one) and change your cut settings in Silhouette Studio to “Fabric with Interfacing". Adjust the fabric blade at a level of 3, a speed of 3 - 5, and cut at a thickness of 25 - 30 and cut. Depending on the fabric, you may want to double-cut your design. Once you have cut your design, you would then take scissors or a craft knife to quickly trim any threads which may be connecting your cut-out design to the rest of the fabric. To finish just stitch or sew it into place. Let your creativity flow and create beautiful different projects, as Patchwork, custom apparel and much more.