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About Silhouette Curio, Cameo and Portrait

Does the Curio have Print&Cut capability?

Yes! The Silhouette Curio™ includes an optic scanner that can read and utilize registration marks for Print & Cut jobs.

Is the Curio PixScan compatible?

The Curio will have PixScan™ compatibility in fall of 2015.

What can a Curio do that a Cameo, Portrait or other Silhouette electronic cutting tool can`t?

Metal and foil stippling

Metal etching

Dual carriage multitasking (multiple tasks in one pass)

Embossing Score & Emboss Print & Emboss

Deep-cut capabilities* (leather, foils, foams, and more)

Using thicker materials as project surfaces (example: stencils sketched directly onto wood up to 5mm thick)

*Requires deep-cut blade sold separately

Can I cut fabric with my Curio?

Similar to other Silhouette cutting machines, the Curio can cut fabric when using fusible fabric stabilizers.

Can I cut straight from a roll of media with my Curio?

No. The Curio requires a hard base when cutting and has a limited cutting area.

What types of metals can the Curio etch?

The Curio can etch soft metal surfaces, such as aluminum, copper, and brass. We do not currently have an exhaustive list that we are able to provide.

What is stippling?

Stippling is the process of creating a design using a series of dots. The Curio provides the capability to produce stippling effects. This can be achieved with either a felt tip pen to draw stipple points or the stippling tool to punch a series of stipple points.

What is the maximum cutting force of the Curio?

When used under normal cutting conditions, the Curio provides 210gf cutting pressure.

Can I use Curio accessories in my Portrait, Cameo, or other Silhouette electronic cutting tool?

While the tools will fit into all Silhouette machine types, they are designed for use with the Silhouette Curio. We cannot guarantee results when using tools intended for use with the Curio in other Silhouette cutting tools. Silhouette does not recommend using the deep-cut blade, stippling tool, engraving tool, or embossing tools with machines other than the Curio.

Which tools and accessories are compatible with Curio?

The Curio is compatible with all current tools and accessories offered, such as regular blades, starter kits and sketch pens.

What kind of material surfaces can be embossed?

While we have had success with many types of materials, the Silhouette Studio® software settings are optimized for Silhouette Score & Emboss paper. Other material types can be embossed through trial and error.

What is new in the new line Silhouette CAMEO?

With a modern design the New Silhouette CAMEO has a new digital display with a LCD touch screen and a tutorial step-by-step which you can use anytime you need. Another improvement is the new steel spring rollers, designed for a stronger, but at the same time, more gentler way to hold the materials in place. Besides a new crosscutter, a new USB drive port, new guide marks, new storage compartment, a new sleep mode and two fantastics new technologies: PRINT & CUT AND PIXSCAN™ . The first allows to cut precisely around a printed image. And PIXSCAN™  allows to cut precisely around a printed design or to position cut lines in a specific location on your material, using a scanner, camera, or even your smartphone or tablet. The new line CAMEO also has a new cutting area, 12 inch width (30,5cm), enabling the use of larger media such as Scrapbooking paper.

What is the difference between the Silhouette CAMEO and Portrait?

The Silhouette CAMEO has a wider cutting area. The Silhouette Portrait has rollers for standard Letter size (8.5 inch width) and has an actual cutting width area of approximately 8 inches, whereas the CAMEO has adjustable rollers for an A4 size, a standard Letter size, or a 12 inch size, which offers up to a true 12 inch cutting width area. Only the CAMEO has SD card slot to read and cut specially formatted files directly without being hooked up to a computer (requires file to be formatted from a computer first and an SD slot reader on your computer) and LCD screen. The CAMEO and Portrait offer an optical scanner for print & cut applications compatible with Silhouette Studio® allowing you to cut fonts and images from your PC or Mac&reg. Both models offer the same capabilities to cut the same material types (vinyl, paper, cardstock, fabric, etc).

Can I draw my own images to cut in my Silhouette machine?

Yes, you can create your own images with the Silhouette Studio Software.  It allows you to design projects and send them to any Silhouette electronic cutting machine. It comes with countless designing tools, including a collection of trendy designs for your own personal library.

What materials can the Silhouette cut?

The Silhouette can cut over 100 materials including papers and cardstock (weights up to 180g / m²), vinyl, fabric (when using our interfacing products), magnetic media, vellum and many others materials up to 12 inches wide and 10 feet long with the Silhouette Cameo and 9 inches wide and 10 feet long with the Silhouette Portrait.

NOTE: Some of the denser materials (such as shrink plastic adhesive, artistic foam, paperboard) or excessively fibrous nature (such as felt) can not be cut by the Silhouette, even if they fit within the aforementioned range of thickness. You should never try to cut multiple layers of material simultaneously.

Can the Silhouette cut paperboard?

At the moment, isn`t possible to cut paperboard with the Silhouette.

Can the Silhouette cut fabric?

Yes, you can cut some fabrics with our new interface for fabric. This product is ironing over the fabric and then the fabric is placed in the interface Silhouette with the down side of the interface (the fabric side up). After you have cut your design in Silhouette, you can then use any scissors to trim some line that can connect to the rest of your cut fabric design.

Can the Silhouette cut rubberized?

The Silhouette can not cut rubberized. The rubber is too thick for the Silhouette blade`s.

What is Print&Cut?

Print&Cut is a feature that allows you to cut precisely around a printed image. It`s perfect for creating stickers, scrapbook, embelishments, cupcake toppers, and more.

What is PixScan™ Technology?

PixScan™ technology is a new feature in the Silhouette cutting system that allows you to cut precisely around a printed design or to position cut lines in a specific location on your material using a scanner or camera.You can even use your smartphone or tablet.

What file types can the Silhouette cut?

The Silhouette Studio software that comes with the Silhouette can cut true type fonts loaded on your computer, STUDIO files and GSD / GST. The software can additionally import a variety of others images types (such as JPG and BMP files), then can sketch out the image using the Auto Outline to create cut lines. You can also draw your own pictures to cut, using the Silhouette Studio software.

What sources can the Silhouette cut?

The Silhouette can cut True Type fonts (TTF) installed on your computer. You do not need to download these in the Silhouette software. The True type fonts installed on your computer in your "source" Windows directory will appear as an available option for cutting letters once the Silhouette software is open. 

Note that some sources may not be designed for cutting.

What paper sizes can the Silhouette cut?

Though there are standard pre-defined material sizes in the Silhouette program (such as 8.5 x 11 Letter size and A4 size), you can define custom user paper sizes with the Silhouette Studio software to fit the media type and size you're working with providing the material size is allowed by the scope of what the Silhouette can handle.

The Silhouette CAMEO has adjustable pinch rollers to control the material width allowance with pre-set roller settings for A4 width, Letterwidth, 12 inch material width, and 13 inch width (in order to grip the 12x12 inch cutting mat). It cannot accept any materials with a width exceeding a 13 inch path.

The Silhouette Portrait has pinch rollers set to accept A4 and Letter size materials, as well as the standard Letter size cutting mat (which may be used for A4 size materials as well). The pinch rollers on this model are not adjustable. It cannot accept any materials with a width exceeding a 9 inch path.

When cutting longer materials that have their own adhesive backing (such as adhesive-backed vinyl), you may cut lengths of up to 10 feet so long as the material is wide enough to be gripped by the pinch rollers.

Materials that are smaller than the width of the pinch rollers would require the use of a cutting mat to hold the material in place properly during the cutting process. If such is the case, the maximum length of the material could not exceed that of the cutting mat (12 inch maximum length for the CAMEO when using the 12x12 mat or 24 inch maximum length when using the 12x24 mat; 12 inch maximum length for the Portrait).

The smallest recommended size of material would be at least 3 inches width by 3 inches length (which would require the use of a mat as they are not wide enough to be gripped by the pinch rollers).

How can I cut from an SD card?

The Silhouette CAMEO® does have an SD slot, which provides the ability to use specially formatted files (GSP format) created and saved in the Silhouette Studio® software directly from the CAMEO unit without having to be hooked up to the computer. An SD slot on your computer is required in order to utilize this feature so that files may be saved from the computer onto the SD card, which can then later be placed directly into the CAMEO's SD slot reader.

You may save your GSP files into any location on your SD/SDHC card and can create a folder structure to categorize your content into subfolders for easier referencing. With GSP files saved from Silhouette Studio® (V1.9.0 and higher), a basic image display of the file you are cutting will appear on the CAMEO's LCD screen in order to provide a rough preview of the selected file.

The CAMEO is able to utilize both SD and SDHC card types. Only GSP files formatted from the Silhouette Studio® software are able to be cut with this feature where files can be cut directly from the CAMEO without the need for a computer connection.

Formatting files for use on an SD card

To format files with this feature, you may do the following:

  1. Open the Silhouette Studio® software
  2. Create or open your desired file
  3. Insert an SD card into your computer's SD slot
  4. Go to File Save to SD Card
  5. In the panel that opens on the right-hand side to save your GSP file, provide a name for your file
  6. Select your SD card or location to where you want to save the file
  7. Click on the "Click here" link to save the file
Using GSP files

Once your GSP files are formatted and saved onto an SD/SDHC card, you may do the following to use them:

  1. Power on the Silhouette CAMEO®
  2. Insert the SD card into the CAMEO's SD slot (located on the right-hand side of the unit next to the USB and power connections)
  3. Load your mat or material
  4. Press the Pause button ( || )
  5. Navigate to your desired file and select to cut it


Questions about accessories

How can I use the Pen Holder?

The following steps can be taken to use various pens in the Pen Holder.

1. (If needed) Remove the current pen holder adapter from the body

2. Place the needed pen holder adapter (small/blue, medium/white, or large/grey) into the Pen Holder body to match the desired pen size

3. Place your pen into the Pen Holder

4. Tighten the pen holder adapter (collett) by twisting clockwise until the pen is tightly in place

5. Remove the pen guide cap (which is in place to ensure the pen tip is set to protrude the proper distance; the tip of the pen should appear where the end of the cap was once the cap is removed)

6. Place the pen holder into the Silhouette

7. Turn the Silhouette's lock lever to the right to lock it into place

How long does the Silhouette blade lasts?

Silhouette blades should normally last up to 6 months, depending on the use and on the type of material used in cutting. Thicker materials will wear out the blade feaster and the average life span for continuous users will be between 2 and 4 months. The Silhouette is not designed to cut some denser materials (such as shrink plastic adhesive, artistic foam, paperboard), so that may damage the blade. In addition, papers with pieces and particles of some objects (such as pieces of glitter) can immediately compromise the blade.

What do I do if the bases is not sticking well to my papers or other materials?

When using the plastic base, first you will ensure that the protective base coat was removed to expose the adhesive surface of the base. If you have not removed the central coating, this may be the cause of the problem. As paper and cardboard materials have micro-fiber and may leave paper particles on the base after used, we recommend cleaning the base between uses to ensure that there are no fibers or other particles which can make paper or other materials do not establish appropriately. If you are using a thicker material at the base or the base cut is more flexible than the material being cut, the material may separate from the base during the cutting process due to the flexibility of the base. If the base lost its adhesive quality for any reason and is not firmly holding and how the base is a consumable product that wears out over time, you may need to simply replace your base.

Compatibility Silhouette

The Silhouette is compatible with Windows?

Yes, the Silhouette is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. You can run the latest software to a compatible version. This software does not require the use of a driver.

The Silhouette is compatible with Macintosh?

Yes, the Silhouette is compatible with Mac and our Silhouette Studio software work with Mac operating systems (OS X 10.6.8 or later). You do not need any plug-ins or additional software.