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Heat Transfer


Silhouette's incredible and versatile personal plotter cutting machines, the Cameo 2 and Silhouette Portrait have the ability to cut over 100 materials including Heat Transfer material. This material is extremely easy to cut, you only need to select or design a shape or font and lay out in the Silhouette Studio software, be sure to mirror the image, so text will appear backwards on the screen. Then feed the heat transfer material you have chosen into your Silhouette machine with the shiny side down. You can load the material directly into your Silhouette, or you can load it on a cutting mat. If you are loading the material directly, set the width of your rollers to accommodate the material.  Place the material on the Silhouette, select Load Media on the screen of your cutting machine and push the Enter button to load the material. If you are using a smaller piece of heat transfer material, you can stick it on your cutting mat to hold it in place. Then place the material on the cutting mat, select Load Cutting Mat and push Enter to load the cutting mat. After that, click on the Cut Settings icon in the top toolbar, and choose Heat Transfer from the menu. Choose “Smooth” if you are using smooth heat transfer material, or “Flocked” if you are using flocked or glitter heat transfer material. Change your blade depth to the indicated setting and click “Cut”. When your Silhouette has finished cutting, unload the media or cutting mat. It will be ready to apply!

Heat transfer material is an amazing material to use with your Silhouette machine, it comes in tons of colors, two size options, 9-inch (22.9cm) and 12-inch (30.5cm) and you can find it in smooth, flocked, or glittery models. You also can use printable heat transfer for light fabrics and printable heat transfer for dark fabrics to customize your clothes. Besides the complete Heat Transfer Starter kit. All available trought our online store.