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Paper and Cardstock


The Silhouette plotter cutting machines can cut many kinds of paper from thin to thick, smooth to fiberous up to 80 lb cardstock (200 gsm). With Silhouette cutting mats and Silhouette Studio software you will never waste your scrap materials again! Just place them on a cutting mat following the software's on-screen instructions and cut your designs out of any scraps you have saved. The Silhouette program has standard pre-defined material sizes, such as 8.5 x 11 Letter size and A4 size, but you can define custom paper sizes with the Silhouette Studio software to fit the media type and size you are working with providing the material size is allowed by the scope of what the Silhouette can handle. The new Silhouette Cameo 2 has adjustable pinch rollers to control the material width allowance with pre-set roller settings for A4 width, Letter width, 12 inch material width, and 13 inch width (in order to grip the 12x12 inch cutting mat). It cannot accept any materials with a width exceeding a 13 inch path. And the Silhouette Portrait has pinch rollers set to accept A4 and Letter size materials, as well as the standard Letter size cutting mat (which may be used for A4 size materials as well). The Portrait pinch rollers are not adjustable so cannot accept any materials with a width exceeding a 9 inch path. When cutting longer materials that have their own adhesive backing you may cut lengths of up to 10 feet so long as the material is wide enough to be gripped by the pinch rollers. The smallest recommended size of material would be at least 3 inches width by 3 inches length. Materials that are smaller than the width of the pinch rollers would require the use of a cutting mat to hold the material in place properly during the cutting process.

If you are unsure about cutting some materials, you can use the Test Cut feature in the Silhouette Studio software program to find the proper settings for any material type that falls into the range of cuttable materials.