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Belguim Machine SilhouetteNew to Belgium, the Cameo 2 plotter by Silhouette is a revolution in creativity for everyone. What used to be expensive and large, the personal plotter cutter, is now affordable and compact, and the Cameo Portrait loses nothing in quality, features or capability along the way either. With its micro cutting blade the Cameo 2 plotter is capable of extremely intricate, high quality work in a wide variety of materials, from fabric, card and vinyl, even clothing transfers can be cut with Belgium’s Cameo Portrait.

Despite all this capability, Belgium’s Cameo 2 remains easy to use, with a simple connection to either PC or Mac through a standard USB cable. With the Silhouette Studio software included free of charge with every unit, it is easy to import stunning imagery from your own computer, downloaded from the internet or from the included library, as well as the low cost online store integrated into the system. This allows stunning work to be created quickly and easily, with the Cameo Portrait in Belgium, you can concentrate on creativity, not how to work the machine.

The Cameo 2 is available in Belgium direct from the Silhouette Online Store, and along with its incredibly affordable price, you also get access to a wealth of accessories such as bags and storage covers, tools to aid your projects and materials to use in the machine itself. Card, vinyl, fabric and transfers are all available to purchase for your machine straight from Belgium’s Silhouette online store.

Compact and stylish enough for any home, with a huge range of ability that will make any project a reality, the Cameo Portrait in Belgium is the key to creativity, allowing dreams to become reality quickly and easily no matter what the project is.