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Silhouette Cameo and Silhouette Portrait Italy


Italy Silhouette Cameo 2People in Italy looking for a vinyl cutter to enhance any creative project can now find the Silhouette Online Store in Italy offering great deals on the Silhouette Portrait in Italy and the whole range of silhouette cameo 2 plotters.

Like all other Silhouette Cameo 2 products, Italy’s Silhouette Portrait is a compact yet powerful machine, with beautiful design and easy to use software making it extremely versatile. If you are looking for a vinyl cutter in Italy, it really is a great choice. Not only can it cut vinyl however, but with its micro cutting blade, the Silhouette Portrait in Italy can create wonderfully detailed output from card, paper, fabric and even clothing transfer material. With cuts up to 1mm deep, it is suitable for a huge range of creative products.

Italy’s vinyl cutters no longer need to put up with large, heavy and expensive machines, the new Silhouette Portrait available in Italy from the Silhouette Online Store is attractive, but compact, whilst losing none of the functionality of the larger and more expensive machines. With the Silhouette Cameo range of machines themselves, plus all materials, tools and extras you could ever need for any project all available from the Silhouette online store in Italy, you can really get that creativity going.

Italy’s best value vinyl cutter, the silhouette portrait comes complete with the silhouette studio software package entirely free of charge, enabling anyone to create stunning work simply and easily. Focus on your creativity not the instruction book with the Silhouette Cameo range of plotters in Italy.

For the best prices on silhouette cutters in Italy, and the best range of plotter machines available, Italy’s online silhouette store has the ultimate solution for your creative needs.