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Cameo Plotters NetherlandsThe Cameo 2 and Cameo Portrait, Netherland’s best value personal plotter, opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities that were once only available to those with large budgets and lots of space. The Silhouette Plotter is available in the Netherlands right now, offering an affordable solution in a compact package that fits into today’s lifestyles.

With a sturdy micro cutting blade, the Cameo Portrait in the Netherlands offers a powerful and capable tool, able to cut a variety of materials, from paper and card through fabric and transfers to vinyl. Accuracy is astounding, and incredibly intricate designs are possible, but this wide ranging ability does not come at the expense of usability, with ease of use being a central part of the entire silhouette line. Supplied with the comprehensive silhouette studio software free of charge, the Silhouette plotter range in the Netherlands is easily connected to either a Mac or PC via a USB cable.  From the software everything is simple to achieve, and stunning designs can be created quickly and easily.

The silhouette plotters are available in the Netherlands from the Silhouette Online Store, along with a full range of spares, extras such as transport bags, and a huge range of materials to use. No matter what kind of project you are thinking about, from vinyl cutters to clothing transfers, the days of expensive, bulky plotters are now long gone, the Netherlands now has the Cameo Portrait as an affordable, compact alternative without losing any ability or features.

For anyone looking to enhance their creative output in the Netherlands, Silhouette plotters and their accessories are available direct from the Silhouette online store. With stunning quality output, ease of use and game changing affordability, the Cameo Portrait in the Netherlands is a breakthrough for your creativity.