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Silhouette Cameo and Silhouette Portrait Spain


Spain Cameo 2For anyone in Spain interested in increasing or improving their own creative output, the Silhouette Plotter range offer an incredible opportunity. These plotters have a highly attractive, compact design along with a sturdy, micro cutting blade that makes them ideal for intricate, beautiful designs. A far cry from the usual large, unwieldy and expensive machines, Spain’s Cameo 2 plotters offer wonderful design and ease of use, and it is this combination that makes Spain’s Silhouette plotter such a wonderful and quite remarkable product.

The Silhouette Cameo 2 range of products in Spain are compact yet powerful machines, featuring attractive design and easy to use software, creating a genuinely innovative package. If you are looking for a silhouette plotter in Spain, they are available from the Silhouette online store directly. In addition to the Silhouette plotter, the silhouette online store in Spain offers all materials, tools and extras, including convers for the machine, bags for transport and all the tools and spares you could think of.

The plotters are also incredibly versatile, featuring a micro cutting blade the Silhouette Cameo 2 in Spain can produce very high quality output from card, paper, fabric and even clothing transfer material. With cuts up to 1mm deep, it is suitable for a huge range of creative projects. This versatility and ability does not come at the expense of usability though, with a simple connection to any PC or Mac via a USB cable and the comprehensive Silhouette Studio software provided free of charge, everything you need is in the box.

The silhouette studio software is comprehensive and powerful, yet remains easy to use, with images being imported from your computer, the included library or the internet, creating fantastic projects is very quick and straightforward. The Cameo 2 and Cameo Portrait by Silhouette in Spain provide wonderful, affordable and compact machines that really allow creativity to flourish.