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Silhouette Plotter - The Cameo & Portrait


Silhouette Cameo Plotter brings a world of possibilities

Silhouette Cameo Plotter

The Silhouette Plotter is a fantastic creative tool that allows anyone to produce fantastic artwork, cards, labels, drawings and any number of other craft projects right from the comfort of their own home. Compact and attractive, it is a wonderful tool that fits right into anyone’s lifestyle, providing the ability to transform ideas into reality and transform creativity into works of beauty.

When it comes to buying a plotter, the new Silhouette Cameo is a fantastic choice. Sleek and modern, but with incredible functionality available to satisfy even the most demanding creative needs. The Cameo Plotter can be used in hundreds of ways and is the perfect choice for anyone who is interested in scrapbooking, general crafting or wants to add that special touch to school projects or other presentational uses.

Using a simple USB cable to connect to either a Mac or PC, the new Silhouette Cameo plotter is powerful and versatile. With the very easy to use Silhouette Studio software that is included, you’ll be in control in no time. This free software makes turning creative ideas into reality a simple process, whether it is a complete new creation, or incorporating designs downloaded from the internet or even pictures that are on the computer.

The Silhouette plotter is a wonderful tool that really lets creativity shine, and despite its powerful features, versatility and beautiful design, it is still an incredibly cost effective solution, available direct from the Silhouette online store. The new Silhouette Cameo Plotter brings a world of possibilities right to any home, quick, clean and easy operation and a fantastic result, every time.