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Sketch Designs


Yes, it's true! In addition to cutting a huge variety of materials, the Silhouette machines are also able to sketch designs for you. These incredible electronic cutting tools, New Cameo and Silhouette Portrait can turn any design into a sketch. Just take out the blade, pop in a Silhouette sketch pen and watch the Silhouette draw intricate patterns.The Silhouette pens are available in several colors and have glitter and metallic options too. All available trought the Silhouette online store. Check out all the other excellent Silhouette products that can be used for this kind of project. The Silhouette Pens are there to draw for you. They are especially designed to fit into the blade holder of Silhouette plotter machines. If you are unsure how it all works, take a look at our tutorials page to see some detailed instructions. Or, if you prefer, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. The Machine Silhouette plotters allow you to use other pens also.  You do, however, need to use the Silhouette Pen Holder. Simply place the pen holder adapter (small/blue, medium/white, or large/grey) into the Pen Holder body to match the desired pen size then place your pen into the Pen Holder, tighten the pen holder adapter (collett) by twisting clockwise until the pen is tightly in place, remove the pen guide cap, place the pen holder into the Silhouette and turn the Silhouette's lock lever to the right to lock it into place. It will be ready for action!

With the Silhouette products you will be able to do wonderful sketch designs. Take advantage of your Silhouette plotter cutting machine and Silhouette pens to make professional looking sketch designs, easily and quickly. Just design a shape, remove the blade of your Silhouette machine, replace it with a sketch pen, the one you chose to use, then watch your machine do its sketching for you!