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Specialty Media


The Silhouette personal cutting machines, Cameo 2 and Portrait are able to cut a wide variety of specialty media, from magnet paper to temporary tattoo paper, wood paper to transparencies, and many other types. Realise just how easy it is to cut these materials with your Silhouette cutting plotter. You can test different media types to see whether or not they can be cut sucessfully. Use the Test Cut feature in the Silhouette Studio software. To cut speciality media just choose which ones have the most suitable characteristics for the project you want to create. Load it into your Silhouette personal cut machine, change your cut settings in Silhouette Studio to the specific specialty media you want to cut and adjust the blade, speed and thickness according to the indicated settings. After that, you only have to click on Cut and watch your Silhouette machine get to work! 

The specialty media opens up a new world of possibilities of creation with your Silhouette electronic cutting machine.  Your plotter cutter is powerful but also amazingly simple and easy to use, in conjunction with the Silhouette Studio software. It allows you to design projects and send them to any Silhouette machine and is compatible with practically any font on your computer. It comes with countless designing tools, including a collection of trendy designs for your own personal library, and it's absolutely free. The Print & Cut feature is really useful too as it allows any Silhouette personal plotter to cut precisely around any printed image.

The Silhouette plotting cutter machines have a wide variety of specialty media options.  Visit the Silhouette Online Store and you will have access to a huge diversity of products and materials. We will have the perfect Silhouette machine and products for every creative project you embark on. And if you have any queries, feel free to get in touch!