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Stickers and Labels


The Silhouette electronic cutting tools Cameo 2 and Portrait are perfect for creating many kinds of stickers and labels. In addition of an incredible cut quality, they have a very useful feature called Print & Cut, which is ideal for this kind of project, because the Silhouette machines cut precisely around any printed image. Simply print out your design with your home printer then feed the printed paper into your Silhouette machine.  Your Silhouette Cameo or Portrait are equipped with a highly sensitive and accurate optical sensor, capable of reading the registration marks on the page and cutting precisely around the printed artwork. With a personal cutting machine Silhouette Cameo 2 or Silhouette Portrait, and the more appropriate consumables for this kind of project, you can easily create stickers, labels and tags. 

Make the perfect sticker designs to suit every occasion. To get really fancy, these plotter machines have another great feature which is the ability to duplicate your project, quickly and easily, using the Silhouette Studio software.  This software comes with all Silhouette machines. It has countless designing tools including, absolutely free, a collection of trendy designs for your own personal library. It is amazingly simple and easy-to-use, and will help to guide you in creating your designs for different projects. Imagine! How many things can you personalise and decorate with your custom stickers and labels? Open up to this new world with so many creative opportunities. Start creating amazing projects with the perfect combination of Silhouette products and your ideas.