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Temporary Tattoos


A Temporary Tattoo is a decorative image that can be applied to the skin for short periods of time. Nowadays, temporary tattoos have become incredibly popular with people of all ages, especially at parties, like carnivals, children's parties, thematic parties and many other occasions. They can be easily created with a Silhouette cutting machine, Cameo 2 or Portrait, using the Silhouette printable tattoo paper and a home printer. Select or create a design on Silhouette Studio software which comes for free with the Silhouette machines. Print the design you chose onto the printable tattoo paper with an inkjet printer. Then when your printed paper has dried apply an included adhesive sheet over top of it. Place the paper into your Silhouette machine which using the Print & Cut feature will cut precisely around the printed image. Remember to use the machine`s recommended cut settings for Printable Tattoo Paper. After that, pop out your cut tattoo designs and it will be ready to apply. So just peel the plastic off, lay the tattoo image down on skin and cover it with a wet paper towel or cloth around 20 seconds. Then, slowly remove the white paper backing and your design will be left behind on the skin. Temporary tattoos usually lasts one or two days, and can be removed with a cloth and warm water. They also adhere to other surfaces as well, such as golf balls, softballs, miniatures, and more.

You can create a really striking temporary tattoo quickly and easily to whatever design you want. Temporary tattoos are cheaper, easier to apply and a lot easier to remove than permanent tattoos. And the best of all, completely painless.

Have fun creating various designs for your temporary tattoos!