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What can be created?


Discover the most amazing electronic cutting tool, the New Cameo 2, and you'll open up a world of possibilities.  This machine is powerful, versatile and modern. Cameo 2 allows you to create awesome projects that would previously have been locked up in your imagination. Also, get to know our hugely popular mini-cutter plotter, the Silhouette Portrait.  It boasts many of the Cameo 2 features, such as the ability to cut over 100 kinds of materials including paper, cardboard, vinyl cutting, fabric and many more. It is good to know that the Silhouette Portrait can cut materials up to 8 inches wide and 10 feet long (20.5cm x 3m), while the Cameo has a larger cutting area and can cut materials up to 12 inches wide and 10 feet long (30,5cm x 3m). 

So, to create Scrapbooking projects the Cameo 2 is the most suitable plotter. Have a look through our creative and inspirational resources and learn what your new personal plotter cutter machine can produce with a little partnership between it and your creative flair. We are confident that using our products will not only be fun but will also give you the edge with your creations!

We hope that these inspiring pages of special Silhouette designs and projects will give you some ideas to get started on a new design. And don`t worry, we have a huge array of tools, accessories, consumables, starter kits and other Silhouette product available in our Silhouette Online Store. Fast and safe delivery across Europe, to all countries including but not limited to Portugal, France, Italy, Finland, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and Germany. We would love to hear from you, and share your stories and projects to others in the Silhouette community.  Let others know what you have created using the Silhouette range of products, or post a tutorial on our blog.

Let your creativity flow and transform your ideas into amazing projects!